Strategic Plan

School Nutrition is in direct support of the Strategic Plan of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


A world where all people thrive through the transformative power of food and nutrition


Optimize the health of the nation’s children through school nutrition programs


Empower SNS DPG members to be recognized as the nation’s experts in school nutrition programs.

  • Amplify the contribution of nutrition and dietetics practitioners and expand workforce capacity and capability
  • Integrate research, professional development, technology and practice to stimulate innovation and discovery
  • Collaborate to solve the greatest food and nutrition challenges now and in the future
  • Focus on system-wide impact across the food, well-being and education sector
  • Have a global impact in eliminating all forms of malnutrition and hunger


The members of the SNS DPG work to support the Food and Nutrition Safety and Security of students.

Through 2021, the SNS DPG will prioritize programs and initiatives to demonstrate significant impact in:

Focus Area

Food and Nutrition Safety & Security

Impact Goals

  • Increase equitable access to and utilization of safe, nutritious food and water at school
  • Advance sustainable nutrition and resilient food systems in our schools
  • Leverage innovations in the reduction of food waste and loss in our schools
  • Champion legislation and regulations that increase food and nutrition security for our students

Focus Area

Prevention and Well-Being

Impact Goals

  • Develop and advocate for policies that support prevention and well-being initiatives for school nutrition programs
  • Increase equitable access to school nutrition programs
  • Reduce prevalence of overweight and obesity and associated chronic diseases
  • Reduce all forms of malnutrition and hunger


Strategies build on our core organizational strengths in food and nutrition research; advocacy and communications; professional development; and workforce capacity and opportunities.

Research: Collaborate to provide evidence on the effectiveness of food- and nutrition-related interventions using internationally accepted processes and terms

  • Provide relevant SNS research to members via website, social media, and newsletter
  • Host an annual webinar highlighting current school nutrition related research
  • Develop and maintain annual list of members identifying areas of expertise for potential research opportunities and outreach
  • Collaborate with DBPRN to enhance research

Advocacy & Communications: Impact food and nutrition policies and advocate through participation in the legislative and regulatory processes and funding to support nutrition research at local, state, federal, and global levels.

  • Provide timely communication on nutrition policy
  • Utilize newsletter to communicate regulatory activity updates
  • Create a toolbox for advocacy via links on the DPG website
  • Cultivate relationships with regulatory agencies (USDA) to be a sounding board
  • Develop SNS DPG one-pager to share with AND Policy team

Professional Development: Create professional development opportunities and serve as resource for practitioner networking, mentoring and information sharing

  • Continue to offer networking, information sharing, and professional development opportunities for members including the SNS FNCE Reception, ANC Breakfast, Webinars (at least 3-4 per year), Social Media Takeovers, and the DPG newsletter (Spoodle Report) published monthly
  • Collaborate with a sponsor to host a Hot Topic Lunch and Learn at FNCE for SNS DPG members
  • Provide resources for SNS DPG members to host mini regional meetings or virtual meetups
  • Promote mentorship program and conduct survey to assess mentorship program
  • Enhance mentor toolkit

Workforce Capacity: Promote leadership and diversity at all levels of professional competency, including for students, through expanded and varied learning opportunities.

  • Promote leadership roles (nominations and volunteer positions) within the Executive Committee by engaging diverse candidates
  • Offer an annual webinar targeting student members
  • Continue to highlight members in the DPG newsletter