Student Corner

Getting Work Experience before your Dietetic Internship

What kind of positions should I apply for?

  • Depending upon the state in which you reside there are a multitude of opportunities in school nutrition. Gain work experience as a cook, dishwasher, manager, or school nutrition secretary. All these positions will help you learn about school nutrition.
  • If you cannot find any positions in a school, consider the food industry. You can apply to work for manufacturers, brokers, or a distributor with a focus on school nutrition.


Websites for School Nutrition Positions

SNA Career Center:


A Day in the Life of a School Nutrition Director

Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills for District-Level School Nutrition Professionals (pdf)


Internship Information:

Sarasota District Schools Food and Nutrition Services Dietetic Internship

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Dietetic Internship Program